JIN HON FORGING INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a company founded more than 30 years specializing in "forged products” manufacturing plant.Products encompass three major areas of industry-specific products, general anti-fall safety hooks, and professional auto repair tools.From early stage of bundle appliances, ratchet tie-downs, wire hook, hook, to current stage of steel plate, aluminum alloy heavy tension senior safety hooks, rings, buckles, and professional auto repair tools.

600-ton~1000-ton heavy-duty pneumatic punch press is the basic equipment to produce diverse products and services.A variety of CNC machining team can offer a variety of turning, German 2.5-ton hydraulic weights, and composite processing services.A thousand ton of heavy-duty pneumatic punch press and 2 tons of hydraulic punch machines are expected in the future.

Hardness, tension, balance testing machine, magnetic particle inspection machine, and salt spray test machine will provide high-quality control inspection services, product diversification, precision quality, and fast delivery.Reducing costs is always the company's business philosophy.

Started with technician- and technology-based follow technological trends introduction of new technologies and development of new products is the company's mission and we have always accepted customer specified development, processed or manufactured in accordance with the sample.Such as OEM, ODM and other cooperation is the new direction of the company for sustainable development.